Best drink deal in Baltimore. Bar none.

Looking for anything good in a vacation gone wrong—and sharing an extraordinary Baltimore drink discount:

On the way to Penn Station, I received a text from AMTRAK letting us know that our train was going to be 30 minutes late.

“Ok, we’ll have a Bloody Mary in the bar.”

The Bloodys were really good—rims seasoned with salt and Old Bay. And oddly strong. Received a second text. Train was going to be 50 minutes late.

“Ok, we’ll have another round.”

People watching was surprisingly good for a Sunday afternoon. Odd characters, eye candy, families, couples of all sizes and sorts. Another text. Train delay now 1 hour and 45 minutes.

“Twist our arm. We’ll have one more.”

Finally the train boarding announcement. I went to the bar to pay the AMEX tab. Were my eyes messed up? No, there had to be an error here.

“This tab cannot be right for six drinks. It’s only $13 and change.”

The bartender, Patti, came over took a look and said, “No, that’s right. It’s always happy hour here on Sunday afternoons. No charge for the doubles.”

So, there you have it. Java Moon at Penn Station on Sunday afternoons: cheapest drinks in town, served with fun and a smile. And, you can take the Charm City Circulator there and back if you’d like. (Advised.)

Penn Station, 1515 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD