Jacob and I have extraordinary friends

Photo: Dark and Stormy, inside and out.
Dark and Stormy, inside and out.

Last week, Jacob was at work speaking with our friend and artist, Jay Madairy about the escalating cost of limes. I’m told the conversation went something like this:

JB: Jay, what’s going on with the price of limes? They’re costing a fortune.

JM: I know.

JB: I don’t know what I’m going to do if I can’t have fresh limes in my vodka tonics…

JM: Vodka tonics? What about my Dark and Stormys?

JB: Dark and Stormy?

JM: You haven’t had a Dark and Stormy, the national drink of Bermuda? You need to get a life.

A few days later, Jay brought Jacob a bottle of Gosling’s  Black Seal Rum (great taste since 1806), and a six-pack of Barritt’s Bermuda Stone Ginger Beer (Bermuda’s favourite since 1874), and a two-dollar lime with this simple instruction, “Get to know the Dark and Stormy.”

Now, I’ve been to Bermuda a couple of times and have never had a Dark and Stormy—Bacardi and soda with a squeeze of lime is my warm weather go-to drink—so I went online and found the D&S recipe on Gosling’s website.

We made them today and after the first sip Jacob and I looked at each other, nodded in an approving way and after another sip we looked for our backgammon set. It’s that kind of a drink. Sip, talk, and play a game. Or, just sip and talk. Or, just sip and sip and sip until the sun goes down on that pink sand beach at your feet.

Thanks for the set-up, Jay! You are a gracious guy; we are enlightened and happy.

By Stephen Brockelman

As a Sr. Writer at T. Rowe Price, I work with a group of the best copywriters around. We belong to the broader creative team within Enterprise Creative, a part of Corporate Marketing Services. _____________________________________________ A long and winding road: My path to T. Rowe Price was more twisted than Fidelity’s green line. With scholarship in hand, I left Kansas at 18 to study theatre in New York. When my soap opera paychecks stopped coming from CBS and started coming from the show’s sponsor, Proctor & Gamble, I discovered the power of advertising and switched careers. Over the years I’ve owned an ad agency in San Francisco; worked for Norman Lear on All in the Family, Good Times, Sanford and Son, and the rest of his hit shows; and as a member of Directors Guild of America, I directed Desi Arnaz in his last television appearance— we remained friends until his death. In 1988 I began freelancing full time didn’t look back. In January 2012 my rep at Boss Group called and said, “I know you don’t want to commute and writing for the financial industry isn’t high on your wish list, but I have a gig with T. Rowe Price in Owings Mills…” I was a contractor for eight months, drank the corporate Kool-Aid, became a TRP associate that August, and today I find myself smiling more often than not.

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