A holiday tradition with spirit—Anthon Berg’s dark chocolate, foil wrapped, boozy bottles.

I don’t exactly remember how many decades ago it was that I discovered the little chocolate bottles from Denmark filled with a boozy liquors. I think I was in my early 20s and I think they were a gift from someone.

I do, however, remember the flavor hidden inside the first one of those chocolate treats that I ate. It was gin. At first bite, it was rash with juniper and a moment later—as I swallowed—warm with the combination of melting dark chocolate and Beefeaters. After the gin one, I had a bourbon one. I was hooked.

Jacob and I order a big box of Berg’s bottles every December for the holidays. And then again in February, because Valentine’s Day needs celebrating, too. (We’re thinking that Arbor Day, Labor Day, and Halloween might also need a little extra cheer this year.)

The Anthon Berg company began making chocolate treats in 1884 from their initial location in Copenhagen. In 1889, they became known as the masters of chocolate-coated marzipan. Berg was known as the “generous company” because giving has always been an important part of their service and customer experience. In the early days, when chocolate-craving customers were queuing up outside Berg’s store, he and his staff would handle out samples to sweeten their wait.

The firm was purchased by Tom’s International in the mid 50s, expanded, and Anthon Berg remains the premium maker of chocolate liquor bottles to this day.

Often, boxes of Berg’s liquor bottles are difficult to find and the prices can vary widely. Here’s what we’ve discovered: Shop for them on eBay. No kidding. There are vendors on eBay that sell hundreds of boxes per quarter. Their prices are the best on line and their  product—at least for us—always fresh.

Here’s a bit more about Anthon Berg, the “generous company.” (They know marketing as well as they know chocolate and hootch.) Enjoy. Cheers!

You can find Anthon Berg online here. And they have lots of new flavors that I wasn’t aware of, but I’m a traditionalist. Gin, bourbon, brandy, Scotch, vodka, seem to cover it. BTW, there seems to be a preferred way of chowing down on these goodies.




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