Of all the beautiful cats and kittens in the shelter, two immediately caught our attention. They were tiny little beings, black and white, lying side-by-side, facing the back wall. All we could see were their hinnies and wee tails.

We asked about them.

Our guide explained they were brother and sister—the last two of their litter to need a home. They were a bonded pair, terrified of being separated, and needed to be adopted together. Although we were only looking for one kitten, we were intrigued. We got into the play area, sat on the ground, and the guide put them in with us. It was magical.

Their tails went straight up to the “happy position” together, they strolled over to us together, they played with us together, they curled up in between us in a little two-kitten knot and purred and purred and purred.

We named our tuxedo pair Margaret and Mr. Oliver. And every moment with them was pure joy.