Some time ago I put a digital copy of Groeninger’s New Baltimore online as a free download and happily a whole lot of people were interested. It has been downloaded hundreds of times. I say happily because I enjoy knowing how many people are interested in history—Baltimore history in particular.

Today I’m sharing, in two volumes, The Jews of Baltimore. Written and compiled by Isador Blum, the 532-page book was published in 1910 by The Historical Review Publishing Company of Baltimore and Washington, DC. The photography in this book is an extraordinary historical record of Baltimore architecture, buildings, and businesses—and the people those buildings housed and employed.

N Shulman, Photographer - Baltimore, MD

N Shulman, Photographer – Baltimore, MD

Two specialty photographers contributed their talents: N. Shulman did the portrait work and Jos C Christhilf was the commercial photographer in charge of buildings, interiors, exteriors, and products. N. Shulman’s studio was at 924 E Baltimore Street, Christhilf worked from 201 Park Avenue.

Among the businesses, you’ll find Cronhardt, Dumler & Co., the Flower and Feather House at 5 – 7 South Hanover Street and Guth Roman Cafe, a Luncheon and Bonbon establishment catering to the elite exclusively at 320 – 324 North Charles Street.

There’s also an interesting introductory letter from then Mayor of Baltimore, J. Barry Mahool. To keep the files manageable I’ve split the book into two volumes. Read online or download your own copy. This is the link to Volume I and here is the link to Volume II. Enjoy!