DATELINE DRINKLINE BALTIMORE – March 24, 2014—It’s a 15-minute walk from work to our place on North Charles Street. On the walk north from the Inner Harbor there are lots of spiffy places to stop for a cocktail. The B&O Brasserie is a special place—their Sidecars are the best in town, as are their Ramos Gin Fizzes; The Center Club is typically our primary stop, but we don’t always head home wearing a sport coat and, once we settle in at the bar, we are always tempted to head to the dining room and spend the balance of the evening over dinner; the Lobby Bar at the Lord Baltimore Hotel has been completely renovated (as has been the entire hotel) and it was our stop this evening; it won’t be our last.

Order a Manhattan and the bartender’s response is, “Certainly. Up? And your brand of bourbon?” Order a Sidecar, “Of course. We have a nice apple-infused brandy, or would you prefer a standard?”

Gene-Michael Addis, the hotel manager came by to say hello to us—he remembered meeting us at French Kitchen on Valentines Day.

The music playing in the lounge was jazz, cabaret, and big band vocals, mostly sultry women. What a great way to end a work day.