When Jacob and I bought a condo in Baltimore a couple of years ago, the fact that it was in a Gehry-designed building was an unexpected bonus. I knew of Gehry’s design genius, of course. I’d admired his work in cities around the world, but I didn’t know he’d designed buildings in Baltimore and Columbia, Maryland.

Frank Gehry and his sharks

Frank Gehry and his sharks

In 1948, when he was 19 years old, Frank Gehry was a truck driver taking sculpture classes at night school. His vision for what architecture could accomplish went on to reshape our cities’ skylines, and the imaginations of artists and designers around the world. Now this master builder is teaching a MasterClass and he invites you into his never-before-seen model archive for a look into his creative process. Watch the promo—I didn’t know that Gehry was such a card and so entertaining.

He once said, “Liquid architecture. It’s like jazz – you improvise, you work together, you play off each other, you make something, they make something. And I think it’s a way of—for me, it’s a way of trying to understand the city, and what might happen in the city.”

I’ve taken two MasterClasses; they were both inspiring and the fee is super-modest for the insight, inspiration, and information I received. I’m going to enroll in this one, also.

According to MasterClass, “The platform was created to give anyone the ability to gain the wisdom and knowledge of the world’s best creators. The education platform offers affordable, engaging and inspirational online courses curated by world class instructors.”

Through the MasterClass platform, instructors create engaging online classes with interactive assignments, course materials, student community and Q&A that creates a uniquely powerful educational experience. All classes are available online for individual purchase for $90 each.

You can learn more by visiting the MasterClass website.