POLYESTER: Francine Fishpaw is an upper middle class suburban housewife in Baltimore. Unfortunately for this “good Christian woman”, the money to support her lifestyle comes from her husband’s porno theater, the neighbors are protesting, her son is the notorious “Baltimore Stomper”, her daughter is knocked up by a local hoodlum, and her husband is having an affair with his secretary. (DCP | 1.85 : 1 | 86min)

(Just so you know, John Waters and historic theatres are just another couple of reasons I adore Baltimore.)

About the Senator Theatre: A Baltimore City icon since 1939, in 2014, the Senator was named as one of the top 20 movie theaters in the world—its rich history has been reimagined after having undergone a massive restoration and expansion.

The theatre’s main auditorium features a 40 foot silver screen and has been brilliantly  rehabbed and three additional screening rooms have been added. The Senator consistently programs the finest selection of motion pictures in the highest quality available.

As a premiere showcase for first run films, the Senator also hosts the MET Opera: Live in HD and discounted Saturday morning repertory screenings for families.

Visit the Senator’s website for tickets and more information.