I’ve always been a fan of learning through gamification, so I’ve created a BrockelPuzzle™ to share some of the astounding things the man in the White House has been saying and tweeting. I hope the 264 clues and answers serve as a reminder that all is not well with old 45.

You can click the puzzle to download a PDF version. And, feel free to share this page.



1. John Harwood __________.
7. __________ Michael Bloomberg.
9. __________ Omarosa.
10. Ben Sasse looks more like a gym __________ than a U.S. Senator.
12. Says journalist Carl Bernstein makes up _________ after __________.
14. The difference was like __________ salad and __________ shit.
17. I have a great relationship with the __________.
18. Heidi Klum, sadly she’s no longer a _________.
19. Calls New York Times’ David Brooks a __________.
20. It’s happened to __________ many times.
21. Says Anderson Cooper 360 is a __________.
23. We’re going knock the shit out of __________.
26. _________ Joe Scarborough.
27. Says Glenn Beck is dumb as a _________.
28. Little __________ Man.
29. Says CNN’s Jim Acosta is this.
33. Tom Ridge is a failed __________.
34. Says Whoopi Goldberg is very _________.
35. Calls Jeb Bush a low energy _________.
36. I not a __________.
39. Says he doesn’t have a bone like this in his body.
41. Let me tell you, I am a __________ smart guy.
42. Anna Wintour is __________ for forgiveness.
45. Witch _________.
47. Google is _________.
48. I’m speaking with __________, number one, because I’ve got a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things.
50. Jeb Bush is too __________.
51. __________ news.
52. I think __________ hates us.
53. I think our country does plenty of killing also, __________.
56. Such a __________ woman!
58. Says Forbes is a __________ magazine.
60. All I know is what’s on the __________.
62. I’d like to punch him in the __________, let me tell ya.
63. Says you have to treat women like this.
64. And, they know it’s just a big, fat __________ job.
65. Says his campaign was beautiful and this.
67. Says Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s mind is this.
68. Everything I’ve done has been virtually a _________ success.
72. Says attorney Micael Avenatti is this kind of life.
74. It could be somebody sitting on their __________ that weighs 400 pounds, OK.
75. Man we could use a big fat dose of __________. (Two words)
78. Says he is more this than you would understand.
80. Asked a foreign policy advisor three times why we couldn’t use these weapons.
83. Sleepy __________, Chuck Todd.
84. TSA is falling __________.
89. I love __________.
93. I’m a very famous person, __________.
97. Anthony Weiner is a _________.
98. Calls Kirsten Gillibrand this.
100. Says Rand Paul is a spoiled __________ without a properly functioning brain.
101. He grabbed her by it.
102. I unfairly get audited by the __________ every year.
103. Donna Brazile _________ on the truth.
105. Says Bob Woodward is a __________.
107. I’m going to be able to do things for __________ that no other candidate can do.
108. I think our biggest form of climate change we should __________ about is nuclear weapons.
109. Says Robert Gates knows nothing about this.
111. I like kids. I mean, I won’t do anything to take __________ of them.
113. Dumbest man on television is __________ Lemon.
116. Calls ABC News-Washington Post poll the _________ accurate one.
118. They were __________ as the World Trade Center came down.
119. Says he was shocked to hear Putin mention the _________.
122. Trump __________. Where are the __________?
124. Says Joe Biden is not very __________.
125. Says chain migration is this.
127. I __________ China all the time.
128. Fake news, CNN is _________.
129. I don’t think I’ve made _________.
131. To a female on The Apprentice, It must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your _________.
132. Free __________ is terrible.
133. Says Samuel L. Jackson does too many _________ commercials.
134. I sorta get __________ with things like that.


1. Says he ran Lindsey Graham out of the race like a little __________.
2. How smart can they be? They’re __________.
3. Paul Ryan does __________!
4. Says he was a really good student at the _________ school in the country.
5. Marco Rubio, I’ve never seen anyone __________ like that.
6. I will build you one of the great __________ in the world.
8. Says the only difference between him and other candidates is that he’s more this and his women are more beautiful.
11. I love the __________ days, you know?
13. I have a great _________.
14. __________ Hillary.
15. If you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the __________ out of them, would ya?
16. John Sununu is a __________.
22. In the 1920s, people were concerned about global __________. It never happened.
24. I don’t think __________ would do that, although she does have a nice figure.
25. I know more about __________ Booker than he knows about himself.
30. It’s a __________ deal, folks.
31. What he called Megyn Kelly.
32. Says General John R. Allen failed __________.
37. Says Stacey Abrams is __________ loving.
38. I know nothing about __________ supremacists.
40. Says Harry Reid went __________.
42. Says his fingers are long and this.
43. Sorry, losers and haters, but my __________ is one of the highest.
44. Asks if Hillary Clinton can’t __________ her husband, how can she __________ America?
46. There may be people with __________ in the audience.
49. We’re all __________. We’re all people.
54. You know the funny thing, I don’t get along with __________ people.
55. I know were she __________ and it’s disgusting.
57. The best __________ bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill.
59. Calls Willie Geist uncomfortable __________.
61. The other thing with the __________ is you have to take out their families.
66. Says this is the hottest industry there is.
69. I mean, I’d look her right in that fat __________ ugly face and say, Rosie, you’re fired.
70. Says The View should be put to this.
71. Says James Clapper is a lying ________.
73. Says he knows many Democrats and when he says things, they _________ at him.
76. Talking about the New York Times, says they don’t write __________.
77. Says not paying federal taxes makes him this.
79. They’re going to have to __________ what they __________.
81. Even if the world goes to hell in a hand basket, I won’t __________ a penny.
82. I’m building a __________, OK?
85. I alone can __________ it.
86. Says he has these bones in his body.
87. I always wanted to get the _________ Heart.
88. Calls Frank Bruni a __________.
90. Says it doesn’t matter what the media write about you as long as you have a young, beautiful, piece of this.
91. And, I had an _________ recently. (July 15, 2015)
92. She got __________, she lost, I mean she lost.
94. I don’t think anyone knows it was __________ that broke into the DNC.
95. The WTO is unfair to __________.
96. Says all of the women on The Apprentice flirting with him was to be __________.
99. I love the __________ educated.
103. Says he doesn’t like this.
104. What you can call the wall.
106. Says John Kerry is a _________.
107. I love __________, in a certain way. But, only when we win.
108. We __________ with the poorly educated.
110. In life, you have to rely on the __________, that’s called history.
112. Says his rallies are a love __________.
113. Says Richard Blumenthal is Da Nang _________.
114. Says he works very, very __________.
115. I think I’ve made a __________ of sacrifices.
117. Sloppy _________ Bannon.
120. Often responds, __________ knows?
121. Says that NBC’s David Gregory was fired like a _________.
123. Look at that face! Would anybody __________ for that?
126. Just so you know, I don’t know anything about David __________, OK?
127. The __________ of me is that I’m very rich.
130. You know what I __________?

I’ve tried to proofread this carefully, but the content makes my brain hurt after a few minutes. If you happen to find a spelling error or a flaw, I’d love to hear from you.