Grass as seen from our driveway. Passing by the mounds of tall grass is wonderfully soothing, quieting, and makes me feel, after my workday, finally at home. From time to time, I see a field mouse or two ducking under the cover of the plants. Their antics make me smile.

While we live in Baltimore City, or what @realdonaldtrump refers to as a “disgusting… rodent-infested mess,” I don’t see rats under the grass, but I suspect that I’d smile at them as I do the field mice.


Our driveway.


Contrary to what the current White House resident would have the world believe Baltimore is not as he describes it. Yes, there are rats in Baltimore; there are rats in every urban area in the United States. And Baltimore has issues around equal access to an excellent education, racial equality, an honest and transparent police department, income disparity, fair housing, more. So, does most every metropolitan area in the country.

Baltimore and its residents freely acknowledge our flaws, while #TrumpelThinSkin—the man in the White House—sees himself as absolutely perfect, the “greatest thing that’s ever happened to Puerto Rico,” the “chosen one.”

These are rough, tough, divisive times, we’re living in. But, we’re tough, and we’ll make it through this ugly moment. Hang in. Don’t hate little critters. And, please VOTE.