Ok, this is some of the best news that I’ve had all day.

Marie’s Crisis, in New York’s West Village, has become a virtual piano bar while they—and the rest of us—ride out the disruptions and closures caused by attempts to slow the progress of the coronavirus.

The historic venue on Grove Street, housed in a sparkling-lit basement space, is a cherished sing-along piano bar for Broadway theater lovers. And while Marie’s Crisis is a historic a gay bar, everyone is welcome and all are cheered as locals and visitors belt out tunes like “We Need a Little Christmas” or “There’s No Business Like Show Business.” It’s a festive place and the pianists are supremely talented. Servers taking your orders moonlight as soloists throughout the evening. And, everyone has a cocktail in hand.


Time Out New York reports, “In a typical display of communal spirit, Marie’s Crisis staff is soldiering on. Every night on the Facebook page Maries Group, the talented pianists who would normally be playing at the bar will be live-streaming their sets to audiences at home. All you need to do to be part of the nightly festivities is apply to join the group; it is normally closed but is currently accepting all applicants.”

Apply and let’s all sing along together. Note that you’ll probably want to have your own cocktail in hand. While I love to sing out Broadway tunes with great enthusiasm, I’m pretty much tone-deaf. A strong dring will help soothe, help mitigate, your discomfort.

Feel free to share this with your Broadway buddies! Cheers!