I received an email from a local watering hole this morning that made me smile broadly. It also caused Jacob and me to buy some stuff. The email—from the Baltimore Eagle—contained this top-level sub-head:

COVID-19 — Let A Lumberjack Sit On Your Face

Well, if that isn’t a brilliant line of attention-getting copy, successfully directed at a gay audience, I don’t knowBaltimore_Eagle_exterior what is.

The good folks at the Eagle were sharing that Allen Ryde, one of their multi-talented employees was busy making face masks. Ryde, a performer—and respected costume maker—has made 600 nose-mouth masks in fun patterns to keep us safe when we have to be out of the house running necessary errands.

The Eagle wrote, You gotta wear face masks, but you don’t gotta be a dweeb and wear something boring…combat this pandemic by letting a cowboy, lumberjack, or camp counselor sit on your face.

What a fun call to action!mask1

Ryde’s masks are available for curb-side pick up in several gay-themed patterns including:

  • Hiker
  • Cowboy
  • Pup
  • Pawz
  • Outloud
  • Bones, and
  • Leashed

The Baltimore Eagle is located at:
2022 N Charles St, Baltimore 21218
(443) 759-8228

You can find Allen Ryde and learn more about his extraordinary costume-making skills on his Instagram site, and on Facebook at Aurora Clothiers by Allengale.

BTW, Jacob and I purchased two Hiker and two Cowboy masks.
Stay in, stay safe, and please take time to assist others in any way you can.
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