My invitation from Leica arrived via email. It read, “Though we are separated, we are still able to come together to celebrate photography. This is the goal of our ongoing #StayHomeWithLeica program.

“Photography at its most essential is a beautiful collision of art and engineering, where we seek the perfect mix of light, shadow, and moment. To capture a single moment allows us to briefly stop time, to tell an enduring story.  Join us as we reveal the methods and motivations of image-makers who have found success through a ‘Focus on the Essentials’ in life and photography.”


That’s all I needed to hear—with my wee-little Leica by my side, I headed to Eventbrite and registered for every episode.

Leica Akademie has put together an impressive series of webcasts. The episode that I’m most looking forward to will take place on April 30, One Camera, One Lens: A Conversation with Alan Schaller.

Schaller is a London-based street photographer. He works in black and white digital photography. His work is often abstract and incorporates elements of surrealism, geometry, high contrast, and the realities and diversities of human life. When asked, in an interview with the Leica Internet team, how his sytle of photography developed, he responded, “When I started photography I was very protective of the fact that I was going to shoot what I wanted to shoot. And that was it. I learnt some lessons from writing music for other people and ultimately ending up with no identity as a musician for myself. So my style of photography was born out of allowing myself to follow exactly the path I wanted to follow.”

You can learn more at #StayHomeWithLeica.