I’ve been working from home since March 13th and now and then I need to zone out forStephen_Brockelman_coronavirus_WFH a while, clear my brain, and work on something not work-project related.

Although I’m a writer and appreciate quiet-time when I’m pondering and working on finding the right word, much of my day these days is spent online, in front of a webcam, with a microphone on, participating in virtual meetings.

During one of those meetings, a few months ago, it occurred to me that we often say odd—sometimes very funny—things in online meetings that we most likely wouldn’t say to our coworkers in person. I was also startled that I would say interestingly strange things from time to time. I started a little list of my sayings and my hearings, and it turned into this nifty crossword puzzle.

Click the image below to access my crossword online in an interactive format. If you’ve been working from home for any length of time at all, I think you’ll enjoy it.


I’ve tried to proofread the puzzle carefully, but if you find any errors please let me know—I’ll credit you with the find, fix the error, and follow your online presence forever and ever. I promise. Also, feel free to share the puzzle, and comment on what you’ve heard during these strange work-from-home days.

If you’d prefer to go old school and print and solve the puzzle, you may download it here in PDF format. Cheers.

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