New York City, West 46th Street

Joe Allen NYC
Joe Allen NYC

Jacob and I were sitting at our favorite table at Joe Allen restaurant having a late supper when the Maître d’ sat Patti LuPone next to us. I smiled and nodded to her; she smiled and nodded back; Jacob almost passed out. (Of all of LuPone’s millions of fans, I can’t imagine one more smitten by her and her talent than Jacob.) Leaving later that evening, Jacob opened the door for her; she turned, looked at him, and said, “Thank you.” Jacob grinned from ear to ear during the taxi ride back to the hotel—and for the next several days.

If you’re also a LuPone fan, you’ll enjoy her visit with NPR’s Peter Sagal.

NPR’s Peter Sagal, “And now the game where we ask legends to do something nobody will remember after tomorrow. It’s called Not My Job. Patti LuPone had her first big role on Broadway 50 years ago when she created the role of Evita. That’s right. Whenever you have stood on a balcony and raised your arms directly up in the air, imagining cheering crowds, you’re doing a LuPone. She’s won three Tony Awards, countless other accolades, appeared in all kinds of films and TV shows. I am utterly thrilled she joins us now. Patti LuPone, welcome to WAIT WAIT… DON’T TELL ME.”

Enjoy. (The LuPone segment starts at 18:40.)