Baltimore 21201 is getting hot. As I write this I’m humming Fats Waller:

They have a new expression,
along ol’ Harlem way.
That tells you when a party
is ten times more than gay
To say that things are jumpin’
leaves not a single doubt.
That everything is in full swing
when you hear someone shout Here ’tis:

This joint is jumpin’,
It’s really jumpin’,
Come in cats an’ check your hats,
I mean this joint is jumpin’.
This here spot is more than hot,
In fact the joint is jumpin’—

Yesterday, on his way home, Jacob stopped by a smart little place right across the street from us : Patisserie Poupon at 225 N. Charles Street in the Grand Historic Venue. He brought home a wild mushroom quiche and a pear tart. They were both outstanding. He stopped by again this evening for a couple of mini-tarts. I snapped this photo and then we moaned a bit while we ate them. I have nothing else to say but, “Amazing” and “Patisserie, welcome to 21201, we’ll see you often.” Full disclosure: I gain nothing from our relationship with this new bakery. Wait, that’s not completely true. I gain, I’m thinking, about 1000 calories per each Jacob visit. And also, a pretty great feeling that there are new bakers paying attention to quality, fresh ingredients, and service. Stay tuned for some notes on the French Kitchen Bakery that just opened in the Lord Baltimore Hotel.