Never discount the value of Orange Flower Water in a vintage cocktail. Used with care it can be as subtle or as potent as bitters.

And, never discount a property that leads-off their website with:

B&O American Brasserie in Baltimore: Welcome Aboard—Welcome, travelers, to the gilded days of the American railroad. A time when service was sincere. Quality was never in question. And those who journeyed by rail enjoyed an uncomplicated elegance.

The B&O’s bartenders and servers understand the idea of well crafted cocktails, how to create them with care—they know their way around presenting a great drink. After my first glass was nearly empty the server came by, pointed to it, and said, “Would you to make that less empty for you?”

I couldn’t get the B&O’s chief mixologist, Brendan Dorr, to give me a master lesson in Ramos Fizz making, so I’ve posed an instructional video from  Chris McMillian in New Orleans. Enjoy.