Halloween, apparently, is also for some very specific collectors with extremely deep pockets.

Take this diminutive guy.

Described as: Most likely the only known surviving example of one of the greatest Halloween items. A typical vegetable man featuring parsnip arms, zucchini legs, potato feet, and a fruit-type head with a glass red nose, paper eyes, and paper mouth which become transparent when the candle is lit. Candle remains in head and candy container is accessed by removing head from the body. In each arm he holds a jack-o-lantern, one with a watermelon grin and the other with a surprised expression.
Size: 9 – 1/2″ tall.

It recently sold at Dan Morphy Auctions in Pennsylvania for—wait for it… $11,000.

Think of it. Eleven grand for a little paper mache guy. What’s going to happen to the prices of real art? I’m frightened.

Happy Halloween.