Herbie Butterworth says, “This here fly is 8 inches long.”

Typically, flies are just a minor annoyance. They’re constantly searching for food. Any kind of food. They’re always hungry, always attempting to mess with your meal—and your other stuff. Consider for a moment what a really large fly might be like. Now, what about a fly the size of a mouse, a cat, dog, or a pony?

Herbie Butterworth tells one of his friends how he’d like to have a pet fly. He’d like to give it a collar and put it on a leash, and take care of his little buddy just like he would with any other pet.

But since it’s difficult to take a regular housefly for a walk, he wants to breed larger ones.

When you have flies that are becoming larger than normal, what do they eat? How can they get enough food to support their larger and larger bodies?

Quiet, Please! attempted to answer those questions on it’s 103rd episode, Tanglefoot, which was broadcast on the Mutual Broadcasting System the evening of June 4th 1949.

Quiet, Please! was a radio fantasy and horror program created by Wyllis Cooper, also known for creating Lights Out. Ernest Chappell was the show’s announcer and lead actor. Quiet, Please! debuted June 8, 1947 on the Mutual Broadcasting System, and its last episode was broadcast June 25, 1949, on the ABC radio network. A total of 106 shows were broadcast.

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