ISAAC KAPLAN is reporting, in Artsy, that “After a two-year absence, one of the most beloved works of public sculpture in New York City is back. The Astor Place Cube made a triumphant return to its downtown Manhattan home on Tuesday, after a restoration that took everyone by pleasant surprise.


                                          Home again. The Astor Place Cube in New York City

“As the piece was hoisted out of the flatbed truck and re-mounted in the public plaza, onlookers cheered. Those gathered likely noticed that the cube looked a bit better than it did before, sporting a fresh coat of black paint. But, more than surface level, the improvements were the product of months of conservation. Artwork repair is always tricky, but how did this 1,800-pound work of geometric genius get brought up to snuff? Well, it had to be entirely dismantled.”

Read more at Artsy. The story is a wonderful piece of writing.