Baltimore. June 1988.

Sandy Mislang produced the spot for W. B. Doner Advertising on behalf of their client, Baltimore–Washington Ford Dealers.

John Parlato was the Doner creative director—John had a brilliant, yet somewhat twisted sense of humor.

The spot was called One Man.

About 6 hours after we’d first been called to our marks, our “one position,” John called a wrap. Then he asked the actors and crew to please “stay for a few minutes” and do him a favor. It was an unusual request on a union shoot, but we all agreed.

He spoke to the crew (Spicer Productions) quietly and then he came over to us. It was a blisteringly hot day, and I, along with the other actors, had found refuge from the sun under a large tree.

“We’re going to shoot an alternate ending,” John said. “In this version, a man will rush into the scene with a gun. He’s going to shoot the candidate. React as you would if it was real. Secret Service, guys…try to take him down. Any questions?”

While I’ve never seen the alternate ending footage, I’m pretty sure that it may have been my finest moment on film.