Danny Gavigan is a resident company member of Everyman Theatre and over the years, we’ve enjoyed his spot-on performances in many plays spanning a broad swath of genres. What we didn’t know from the various show notes in the back of the programs was that Danny had a hair-raising experience at Everyman in 2014.

Is this the ghost at Everyman?

Following the incident, Gavigan conducted over 20 hours of research and interviews and wove together the voices of the resident company and others sharing their own ghostly experiences.

Gavigan has produced a podcast series called Everyman@Home: Resident Ghost Company.

It’s an outstandingly entertaining audio series, tightly edited conversations are enhanced by a backdrop of moody soundscapes.

Join Gavigan on this podcast journey and you’ll be transported through time as you discover more about Everyman’s Resident Ghost Company!

In this, the first episode of Resident Ghost Company, you’ll learn about the ghost, the lawmen, and those who’ve witnessed—and have been physically touched by—the spirit.

New episodes will be released every Wednesday at 8pm for a few weeks. So check Everyman’s YouTube channel for updates! And, if you possibly can, consider supporting Everyman Theatre during these challenging times.

I consider all theatre performances gifts and treasures, but local and regional productions are the real theatrical diamonds. They help build community, support learning for young people, and help educate us about the lack of diversity, inequity, and inequality that has occurred over time, and that persists to this day.

Your podcast host, Everyman’s Danny Gavigan.