The Death of a Salesman set transforms to the set for A Streetcar Named Desire on the Everyman Theatre stage. Want to see this unprecedented transformation in person? You can. 

From Everyman Theatre:
Viewings will be available after every Saturday and Sunday matinee starting at 4:45pm now through June 12. Grab a drink at Vinny’s Bar then head into the theatre to watch the Rep changeover crew make the switch happen live. It takes a team of 10 men and women roughly 40 minutes to make theatrical magic.

The viewing experience is free to attend, but due to patron safety concerns, seating is limited. Tickets must be reserved in advance. Patrons do not need to purchase a ticket to The Great American Rep to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Call the Box Office to reserve your spot: 410-752-2208

The Wall Street Journal is just one of dozens of publications raving about this mounting of two classic pieces of American theatre:

“…Everyman is, so far as anyone seems to know, the first company in the world ever to present [Salesman and Streetcar] in rotating repertory, and having recently seen both productions in close succession, I can assure you that to do so is a powerfully stirring experience, one that will stick with you for a long time to come.”
-The Wall Street Journal