With apologies and all due respect to the poet, Joyce Kilmer, all trees are not equally created.

In the southwest corner of Central Park—near Central Park South, Columbus Circle, and Central Park West—you’ll find this massive, beautiful, expressive tree. Its trunk speaks to the ages. And aging. And those who are aging.

I captured this shot when Jacob and I were vacationing in the City earlier this month.

In the 70s, as a 20-something student living in New York, I walked the path that runs by this very tree—day and night—several times a week. Yet, I never saw it.

I think that sometimes seeing a city through the eyes of tourist has its advantages. Living in New York I was always scurrying from one place to another. Visiting the City from time-to-time presents opportunities for more thoughtful views. Maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder—and time, the eyes more perceptive.

Thoughts? Feel free to share.