I love ’em, you love ’em, who doesn’t love Tater Tots?

They’re wonderful little nuggets of goodness that can be used in so many different and delicious ways. They’re fast and easy to prepare, whether you’re baking them alone, using them in a casserole, wrapping them in bacon as an appetizer or snack, or using them in a German-style hot potato salad. I love them simply baked until super crispy—with a bowl of horseradish-hot cocktail sauce on the side.

And those tasty little potato morsels are pretty darn cheap. At our local Costco, eight pounds—that’s right, eight pounds—are about $12. At 47 to 50 tots per pound, an eight-pound package contains nearly 400 tots. That’s about three-and-a-half cents per tot.

I also like fast-food pizza from time to time. One of my favorite pizza-chain pizzas is Domino’s X-Large Brooklyn pizza with diced tomatoes, hearty marinara sauce, onions, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, green peppers, Italian sausage, and pepperoni. Its thin crust is pliable and foldable in a New York City sort of way.

That being said, I also admire companies who are true to their core product, their core offering. So when I order a pizza, I don’t want to hear, “Do you want overpriced potatoes with that?” ($7 plus tax gets you about 24 tots and—and based on the Reddit photo below—quite possibly, a heart attack.)

Writing this has made me feel sort of greasy. I think I’ll take a shower and then make a green salad. Cheers!