If you love the combination of french fries and martinis more than I do, I’d like to meet you.

I’ve written about my love of paring french fries with cocktails before. In addition to martinis, a bunch of salty, crispy truffle fries is an ideal snack to accompany a whiskey sour.

Fries cooked in duck fat are killer bites to have with a classic Manhattan.

Very few liquor-forward cocktails don’t pair well with a snack of warm carbs, the mouth-awakening sensation of salt, and the satisfying crunch of something fried.

Fries and a martini at Mimi, NYC. Image via: Grub Street

On the other hand, for caviar and chips, you’ll want to use unsalted potato chips—the caviar carries the salt duty. My husband, Jacob, makes the best homemade, unsalted potato chips I’ve had any time, anyplace. But since he’s not catering, a solid alternative is Kettle Unsalted.

And a word to the wise—with your martini and french fries … no ketchup, no mustard, no malt vinegar on the fries, please—they’ll ruin the whole event.


By the way, my love of french fries began decades ago with McDonald’s fries—back in the day when they were cooked in 93% beef tallow.

My love of caviar began with my first bite of the stuff—and my first bite “fell off a truck” in Greenwich Village. It’s a fun story.