Each year in hundreds of thousands of tulips and daffodils bloom in Central Park. And each year, they bring joy to hundreds of thousands of people.

What last-minute gift could be better than buying tulip or daffodil bulbs from the Central Park Conservancy (CPC) in your mom’s name? CPC will take care of planting them in the park. (It’s also one of the few Mother’s Day gifts that you can find that’s 100% tax deductible.)

After you’ve made your contribution, a mailed certificate or ecard will be sent to the person you designate, notifying them of your special gift. You may select the type of notification you would like to send.

Bulbs $1 each and are available in groups of 50, 100, 150, or in an amount that you choose.

Details at the Central Park Conservancy. Now, get crackin’. The Mother’s Day clock is tickin’.