Lucille Fletcher, one of the twentieth century’s scriptwriters, wrote several episodes of the radio series, Suspense. Her most famous is “Sorry, Wrong Number,” but “Fugue in C Minor” is also an extraordinary example of radio writing. Fletcher was a music librarian for a time—her first husband was an orchestral composer—so this music-themed horror story does a lot more than simply use music as a bit of dressing; Fugue in C Minor integrates music and dialogue to create an odd but truly Halloweenish story.

Fugue in C Minor – Tales Well Calculated to Keep You in…Suspense.

This episode first aired on June 1, 1944. The audio engineering is excellent. The pipe organ in the story functions as a character. Theodore Evans is played by Vincent Price, and it’s a showcase for his broad range of storytelling. Ida Lupino plays Amanda Peabody. The Evans children’s dialogue is written in a way that blurs the line between creepy and sympathetic.

Here are a few more of my favorite suspenseful radio episodes for your all hallows’ eve enjoyment.

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